RE/MAXimizing Your Potential


At RE/MAX Whatcom County, our mantra is simple: “Work Hard. Be Nice.” There are many challenging aspects of the real estate industry, and we feel strongly that these two rules can conquer any obstacle.  Improving the real estate experience requires more than just tech. It starts at the brokerage level. A brokerage that supports and guides brokers positively impacts the agent and client experiences and attracts like-minded brokers.  We help independent business owners thrive by fostering entrepreneurial development.



It begins with our brokers. We choose to work with incredible real estate brokers who understand the market in a unique way; it’s more than just a job, it’s a part of life. They live and breath real estate, they are willing to go beyond the call of duty for their clients and they support their teammates. Work Hard. Be Nice. It’s not just a motto. It’s what we do and who we are.


At RE/MAX Whatcom County, your peers will be collaborative and goal-oriented. We’re out to be a brokerage with great brokers, and we recruit those who value and enrich our  culture. Our profitability is tied to agent success not headcount, so we seek brokers with growth potential. Our split structure is designed to help brokers grow, no matter their production level. Whether you produce $2 million or $40 million – we invest in you and your in your growth.


We envision a brokerage-agent relationship with more value. Our training is about saving brokers time and helping them make more money. We teach skills that are immediately useful, and new brokers increase productivity right away. Managing brokers are invested in each agent – from business plans, to marketing ROI, to lead generation. It’s pretty simple, really: we help our brokers succeed.

We have the competitive edge.

Our training program for experienced brokers gives them a significant advantage over their peers. We educate our brokers on the mastery of real estate as well as technology, business and efficiency. This is what really sets them apart, and takes their business to the next level.



There are a lot of advantages of being a RE/MAX agent. Here are just a few.

  • Brand power and name recognition of RE/MAX is above all other.
  • RE/MAX is a credible company that has an outstanding reputation.
  • Your co-workers are good quality brokers that you can rely on.
  • RE/MAX allows for complete professional development.


Professional development counts. With RE/MAX Whatcom County & Gateway, you receive more than training and education; you gain access to complete agent development. Throughout your RE/MAX career, you’re exposed to ongoing opportunities to grow and improve your business. We also hosts regular information packed sales meetings, marketing sessions, clock hour classes, technical training, coaching, business planning and one-on-one mentoring.


Our technology connects you. With RE/MAX, you have an entire suit of cutting-edge technology resources at your fingertips. You can access powerful lead management systems, refer clients to brokers and offices around the world, create pro professional marketing pieces, earn certification and much more. It’s all designed to save you time, boost your business and make your life easier.


Extend your reach with 123,000+ brokers and network in over 100 countries.
Referrals can go anywhere. People move across town. They move across the country. And they move or buy second homes around the world. At RE/MAX, this presents unlimited referral opportunities. Your market becomes the entire world, with a skilled professional at the other end of the deal. When you establish yourself as a go-to agent for referrals in your market, you can create a whole new stream of possible business. You choose where you want your referrals to go and at what rate.


All leads generated by your listings and advertising go to you; a RE/MAX tradition. Through the exclusive booj system, RE/MAX brokers receive online leads generated from remax.com and other proprietary websites with no additional fees. brokers can stay in the office or virtually handle floor duty, where you can get office cold calls, internet leads, and phone queries.


Everyone knows your name. When you connect your name with the RE/MAX Balloon, one of the most iconic images in real estate, your visibility rises higher. RE/MAX is the No. 1 name in real estate thanks in part to decades of extensive advertising. At just about every turn, potential clients find RE/MAX ads – across TV, radio, print, outdoor signage, the Web and social media. As a result, buyers and sellers know RE/MAX long before they’re ready to move. And that’s good news for every agent. We have support staff that can help you market yourself locally, give you an online presence, and provide current advertising strategies and training so you can focus on selling.


It’s more than just a motto, it’s who we are. Every agent employs a variety of methods to develop and maintain their business: some host dinners, others participate in triathlete groups. Our brokers share their methods and come up with new ideas together. They share vendor referrals and offer open house opportunities. Collaboration allows us to constantly improve. For example, when someone discovers an app that saves time, they share it. We learn from each other, and we all improve.

 “RE/MAX took me from a non-producer to top-producer. The training, the experienced brokers and the culture has pushed me to be the best that I can be. I am incredibly thankful for my broker and all he does. There’s no place I’d rather be.”



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